What exactly are bifocal glasses?

With age, a person’s eyesight begins to deteriorate and suffer. For some people, viewing objects at a distance as well as close-by becomes especially difficult. Fortunately, it is possible for them to correct such vision problems. All that you have to do is use bifocal glasses, which are nothing but prescription glasses that aid a person that is suffering from presbyopia and myopia. These are conditions in which a person is not able to see near objects as well as objects at a distance.

Bifocal glasses are a type of glasses frames, which have lenses that are optically corrected to help you see properly. These glasses are not the same as regular prescription glasses because they have two separate optical powers for each of the two lenses. In most cases, the upper portion of the lenses is designed to help correct distance vision problems and the lower portion is designed to correct near distance vision. Between each segment, there is usually a thin line that separates the two segments. Newer models however have the two segments blended into each other and so there is no visible line separating the segments.

It is also possible to have the lenses modified for particular purposes like for using in front of a computer.
Bifocal glasses are normally made with light and impact as well as shatter resistant lenses. These lenses are normally made out of plastic and they have different degrees of thinness. If needed, it is also possible to use heavier and scratch resistant lenses. Bifocals also use highly convex lenses to help a person see objects close-up. The upper half of the lens on the other hand is only slightly convex as it is used for seeing objects at a distance.

The first bifocal glasses actually had two different lenses that were each cut into half and then joined together in the rim of the frame to form just one frame. These glasses were very fragile. Today, molding the segment that is used for near distance viewing with the primary lens helps to make these glasses. Progressive bifocal lenses are also known as no-line bifocals. These lenses offer each and every benefit that a normal pair of glasses provides. They also do not cause the image that you see to jump and there are no visible lines either.

To see with bifocal glasses the user needs to look through the upper portion to view objects at a distance and to see close-up objects he or she will need to look through the lower portion of the lenses. After some time, the eyes will naturally adjust to this and will start looking at the appropriate section to focus the eyes properly.

The best part about wearing bifocals is that they eliminate the inconvenience of having to buy two pairs of eyeglasses – one for near vision and the other for distance vision. So, do you actually need these glasses?

If you are diagnosed with presbyopia and myopia then you will certainly need to wear bifocals. These glasses are highly recommended for use by people who have passed the age of forty. Even young children and young adults may find it necessary to wear bifocals.