My first pair of prescription eyeglasses

I have never thought that one day I would become a member of glasses wearers. It is so strange when I first find my eyesight is suffering a sharp decline because I can not see the people in the long distance. I am walking with one of my friends in a park nearby and my mother waves her hand to me not far from me. I do not see my mother’s face very clearly and give no respond to her. My friend beside me feels very puzzled by the oddity of my behavior and asks me what’s wrong with me. At that time, her words suddenly wake me up and I am aware of the fact that my poor eyesight needs my whole attention. To tell the truth, I am at a loss without the ability to decide how to solve this troublesome problem. I am afraid to tell my parents the truth as well because they have warned me many times about my incorrect reading position. What a pity that I have ignored their advice. Now, I have to wear a pair of prescription eyeglasses; otherwise I may not lead a normal life as usual.

My friend suggests that I should be honest. I also decide to have a discussion with my parents. Their anger is imaginable but to my surprise, they soon make a decision that my mother takes me to see a professional optician as soon as possible for some useful suggestions. Thanks to the experienced optician’s advice, we adopt online shopping method to complete this task. According to his words, prescription glasses on the Internet are much cheaper and we can have more choices at a time. Mother doubts over the liability of virtual purchase but the doctor encourages her to have a try.

So when we come back, I open the computer and search the Internet by key words. It is not a laborious job for me to find a professional glasses store online. On the site of, I finally choose a red pair of plastic eyeglasses that is very elegant and lightweight. Another important point lies in the attractive price because mother thinks the reasonable price adds more charm to that pair. I am very happy to find such a suitable pair of eyeglasses within such a short time. Now I am waiting for the package at home and I hope this pleasant online shopping will turn out to be a successful one.