My Experience of Buying Cheap Eyeglasses in the Online Optical Stores

As a college student, I used to get my eyeglasses first when I open my eys in the morning, which has been a custom since I was in my middle school. Without the eyeglasses, I believe that I can not carry on my calendar successfully. Because of this, the eyeglasses have become a very important part of my daily life.

But what happened last Wednesday is has ruined my life patten completely. It is the footbal that beat on my face, crushing my eyeglasses on the floor. So in oder to see the world clearly again, I had to face the reality to buy a new eyegalsses. At first I was going to buy one in the eyeglasses shop outside the campus. However, after knowing my plan of buying new glasses, my friend Jerry suggested me to have a look at the online optical stores. He said that his cool sunglasses were bought online and the price was truely reasonable. Taking his situation into consideration, I thouhgt it’s a good idea to search a eyeglasses online if the quality and the price are reasonable.

Then I surfed into that online optical store which my friend told me. I found many different types and designs of eyeglasses, the quantity of which is much larger than that in shops of eyeglasses outside my campus. What’s more, the price of the glasses was very cheap and I could even higgle with the merchant. At last, I got a pair of blue eyeglasses in that shop at a very low price, which is totally beyond my imagination. Moreover, my friends said that they thought my new eyeglasses are very suitable for my and my girlfriend said I was very cool wearing the blue eyeglasses. I felt very satisfied with my choice of buying one pair of eyeglasses at the online optical store.

Taking my experience into consideration, I’d like to say that it’s a trend to buy things at online shops, especially the online eyeglasses shops. It is very conveneint and safe. The varied designs of eyeglasses in the online shop are very attractive compared to the normal eyeglasses shop with limited designs of eyeglasses. What’s more, the price of the eyeglasses is much cheaper that the same kind of eyeglasses in my previous experiences. In a word, I believe that it’s a groovy idea to buy eyeglasses online and I’d like to recommend this online shop to you all. Good luck to you!